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you don't know who you're dealing with....'s Journal
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Date:2003-09-22 02:55
Mood: stressed

hey im just posting some lyrics

if you wanna read my actual journal, i recently switched to this, armstothesky.


i have a good friend who for a long time was heavy into drugs and this is one of a few songs regarding that.

ill sit back and watch you die
ill sit back and watch you die
ill sit back and watch you die
theres nothing i can do to stop you

a hundred times ive told you i cared
blow me off, throw me off, well you can suck me off because im sick of your shit.
now its time son, your at the edge. step off step off step off!
show what your made off, slice those veins.
your bleeding 200 proof these days.

in my dreams i remember a friend who was there for me, who would care for me.
who would swear by me, and stand by me.
now youve assaulted me. pointed out the faults in me. well now ill halt my company.

oh yes, just one thing i forgot to mention. one tiny little piece of information.
every slice, every jab, every stab, every inch of mutilation,
everything you do to yourself, is done tenfold to me.
i hate watching you kill yourself.

show what your made of, slice those veins.
your bleeding 200 proof these days.

heres a newer one about the fall coming and of course, a girl.

the sky is painted the darkest blue
a miss placed ocean of the deepest hue
the wind is picking up again
summers over

puddles gather lets take their cue
cold nights bring me closer to you

hiding smiles
behind woven scarves
we wont need to cry anymore
as the sky opens
and the rain comes
weve got all the water we need

such a beautiful day, so grey
the colors in your eyes
and its enough for everything
this palette is overflowing

time to pull out your winter wear
dont forget your sweater dear
wrapped up like a christmas present
i wouldnt mind unwrapping you

and last but not least, heres the lyrics to revenge of me's newest, polar

the halls are filled with sound
as if the stars fell to the ground
and in the wreckage you will find
that nothing that once was is now

just like a firecracker
their core has now combusted
and they are drifting farther
and pushing memories away

one now sits in silence
the other moves at steady rates
for standing still means thinking
about the one that sits and waits

and thinking too brings feeling
and feeling never did much good
so now he'll stick to leaving
he keeps on disbelieving

but as things go, he is gone
and she is crying, and she is gone
a moments heartache, shrunken to none
one sits and waits, one turns to run

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Date:2003-07-14 22:12
Mood: calm

just a reminder. i switched journals. you can find me at armstothesky if you dont add me, i will take you off my friends list. add me and i will add you back. yup. just a reminder.

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Date:2003-07-12 04:24
Subject:heres the deal
Mood: bored

ok so i changed my livejournal and my instant messenger.

lj - armstothesky
aim - throwmybodydown

just got tired of the old ones.

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Date:2003-07-11 02:43
Mood: anxious

interesting night. moneen was pretty good for the 4 or 5 songs i heard. guh. every other band was not that great. atleast not good enough to put of with the sweltering heat inside. it was so hot and humid that you could stand inside for 5 minutes not touching anyone and leave somewhere between damp and soaking. eeewww.. ohwell, atleast i made fatty tips working in the cafe.

i have been playing a lot of piano lately and im seeing my ability improve. that is exciting. i can play some bright eyes, some slowreader, some get up kids, and im writing some original stuff too. good times. i <3 my yamaha.

tomorrow night is crosstide, rocky votolato, and the casket freaking lottery at the nocturnal. i have been waiting for this show for ages. last summer i drove to seattle to see casket. i love them, aside from the impossibles they are probably my favorite band (impossibles are broken up so i dont think they count as much).

sometime in the next two months we shall see the return of reganomics. be excited for that, i am.

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Date:2003-07-09 01:06
Mood: sleepy

like my pal brent i also wish to find our friend Gabe an lj code. he is a good guy and im glad were friends now. he needs to enter the livejournal arena (also known as gossip-world) so that he can get the lowdown on everybodys shortcomings. hooray for lj.

if anyone has a spare code, could we please have it? thank you much.

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Date:2003-07-08 10:18

what the crap, i cant find my postal service cd. that is a major bummer. i am majorly bummed. ohwell, hangin with emma today, then woooork. blah. someone call me tonight to hang out.

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Date:2003-07-07 03:33
Mood: sleepy

so, today had some good parts. i slept through church like a loser, but then i met with heather at boppin boes, and it was really good to see her one last time for the summer. she leaves for europe tomorrow morning. wierd. i went to work and they sent me home after an hour so i took some pizzas over to the apartment and ended up hanging out with gabe and brent and lawrence and josh and melanie and beth and a whole ton of VCHS kids. good times. we had reallllllly good talks in the circle tonight. i hope this becomes a trend. anywho, im super tired so im gonna practice a little piano then go to bed. afterall, i have to be up at 10 so i can take care of things and not be a lazy slacker. night.

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Date:2003-07-06 15:22
Mood: excited

im super excited for mine and brents project. i wrote some bad ass pianos parts today and i want to get lawrence to play bass. brent of course on guitar. im not sure who is going to sing, but i want someone really good. if your curious as to stylings, think the format with a piano. brent, lets get to work duder. you GOTS to hear this piano part so you can come up with something to go along. ive got basslines in my head, and we can just record the drum beat im using straight from my yamaha. hehe.

in other news, my reviews site is down until further notice. im not giving up, im just fed up with this server. they screwed up my html by putting banners on top of EVERY page. i asked them about it and they purposely do it so you cant use frames. in order use frames, i have to pay 4 dollars a month. SCREW THAT! im gonna get my own domain name and with the help of some friends, create an even more badastical site. YES!!

in other news, does anyone know when emma comes home? were supposed to be working on vacation bible school stuff for the next 4 days, and i have no idea what day she returns. eek a cat.

anyways, i have to go because i left the drum beat on and its been going for like 20 minutes and its driving me insane.

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Date:2003-07-05 19:29

stupid piece of crap web server. they pur banners on every page. well a frames index doesnt usually respond well to frames. ARGH. i need to buy my own domain name.

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Date:2003-07-04 12:44
Mood: cheerful

whats up my homies?

tonights the big night eh? fourth of july? cant wait.... TO WORK ALL NIGHT.


ohwell, once im off im going to cieras party to kick it with my homies. yay.

tomorrow im taking josh out to changs for his lunch as his birthday present, then hanging with heather in the evening cause she leaves for europe for almost 3 months on monday. ive been hanging out at the lawrence,melanie, beth, gabe house alot lately, but im part of the after midnight crew, which means there are certain people i have never seen there who go just as often as me. such as lawrence. hehe. im gonna go eat cheeseburgers and hang out with relatives.

have a good fourth everyone. enjoy the fireworks for me and nate.

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Date:2003-07-03 03:30
Mood: loved

You're PUNK. You don't want to fit in, you don't
like authority or conformists. Reccommended
music: Rancid, the Clash, Social Distortion

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wow, how more right on can you get? what?

anyways, tonight was a ton of fun. hung out with the vineyard kids and we swam and ate burgers, then me and stacey hung out and talked for a few hours. good times. now im gonna go to sleep. night night.couvakillaswhat?

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Date:2003-07-02 03:15
Mood: sore

ok, tonight was such a good show. high fives to all the bands. im proud to say that i tore it up in the pit. I LEARNED HOW TO DO CARTWHEELS IN THE STREET BEFORE BELIEVING IN JUNE PLAYED!!! and then during brutal fight i applied my new skillz. yeah dude. soooooo much fun. bobby kicked me in the back and it hurt soooooooo bad but whateva, pain is momentary. after a couple songs to recouperate i got back in there. saw soo many kids i <3 at the show. people i havent seen in the longest time. so, if anyone feels like i ignored em, it was just cause there were soooo many kids there that i wanted to talk to, i had to ration myself. anyways, afterwards, i went to lawrences and me brent and zach gabe hung out for a couple hours. now i am home. now i am going to sleep cause oh man. my entire body hurts. plus i have a zit INSIDE my nose. that SUCKS! cant get it out. guess i just have to wait for it to go away on its own. gross huh?

<3 jt

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Date:2003-06-30 16:03
Mood: accomplished

ok so i created a website to review music and help people find cds they would be interested in purchasing. its sooooo extremely basic but over time its gonna get better. anyways, here it is Review Reviews Reviewed

hope you like it. theres only 3 reviews up right now but thats because i started this last night at 2 am.

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Date:2003-06-29 15:59
Mood: chipper

it appears im going to blonde redhead tonight cause they are awsome. $15 is spendy but this is not a show to miss.

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Date:2003-06-29 02:51
Mood: mellow

minus the bear was so freaking good. they inspire me so much. blood brothers put on a really good show but i was pretty tired after minus the bear. the opening bands were both fairly good. all in all a very good show. i dont want to be a scenester. i just want to love my music. went to dennys with some kids, and even though i <3 these kids the conversation stayed on 2 subjects for the whole duration. 1) name dropping. i know this person and this person said this and me and this person are friends and i went on tour with them and they gave me a shout out and i have this many peoples cell phone numbers. 2) hot boys. ugh. such vapid conversations. dont get me wrong, music is my life and i am all for a conversation about it, but this seemed more like bragging. it turned me off. there was very little mention of the actual music, just the people involved. i hope that if i ever achieve musical success that nobody talks about me incessantly as if we are lovers because they one time had a conversation with me or because they knew about my band before the radio did. these things are all well and fine, but 5 friends sitting around a table should talk about things that actually matter. i dont know how any of them are feeling about their lives. i havent seem one of them in a year maybe, and i dont know what he is up to. im just complaining and it doesnt matter, but i dunno...
it just seems so hollow.

i hope this hasnt offended anyone. thats not why i wrote this.

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Date:2003-06-28 16:57
Subject:this stuff is going out of here

free to a good home: skateboard deck, a little trashed but still usable.

$500 - korg ms2000 in mint condition aside from a tiny paint scratch in the back. no manual, but you can download a manual from korg.com. i paid 600. you gets a deal. (PS, they retail for 750)
i gets money to pay off my car + buy a case for my yamaha.

tonight is minus the bear and ummm ohhhh hmmmm uhhhhhhhh oh yeah. blood brothers. ive seen minus the bear twice before and never seen blood brothers but still im 50x more excited to see minus the bear than the blood brothers. guess im just not hip.

im cleaning my room and were gonna repaint it and do all sorts of swell stuff like that. yup.


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Date:2003-06-28 02:02
Mood: bored

ok, all of you already know (or should if you read this anyways) that i buy more cds than the average joe. and a fair amount of you have told me i have good taste. sooooooooo..... if i were to make a really basic website that just had short reviews of what i picked up would you guys read it? would it be worth my time? let me know. yay or nay.

ps - this cd is starting to get really good.

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Date:2003-06-28 01:36
Mood: excited

had a good day today.

went to sushi world and baskin robbins with kalii jan and dave. then me kalii and jan went to the starrs to drop off some books for candy, then to my work to pick up my paycheck, then to blockbuster to drop off a movie. then to portland. we went to jackpot and i found the new nada surf cd and bought it. its good. we went to the meow meow and todd gave me 40 bucks to go to fred meyers and buy 6 cases of water and 2 cases of pop. that was quite the adventure. got back and watched the bands and FREAKING MISSED THE BAND I WENT TO SEE CAUSE I HAD TO GO EAT SOME FOOD. grrr at me. ohwell though. people i was happy to see: alan singley, all of crosstide, todd, eddie salinger, laura, james. good times. free soccer balls!!!! i am finally home now and my feet hurt but i am happy. tomorrow is minus the bear and blood brothers. im so stoked. me and crosstide ryan were giddy together about this show.....

go to it.

ps, my paycheck was way more than i thought it was gonna be so that is awsome. tomorrow i owe my mom 150 bucks but i think im gonna pay 350 so i that ill only owe another 400 on the car instead of 600. almost payed off. cant wait for that.

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Date:2003-06-27 12:34
Mood: awake

i know bunches of kids are going to the show tomorrow, but is anyone going tonight? hope i actually know somebody...

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Date:2003-06-27 03:39
Mood: content

i had myself a good night. hung out with miss dalton. went record shopping and I was an extra in a movie. she is a star, of course. we got taco bell and i sang ataris songs.

new cds i want:
new mars volta
new moneen
new casket lottery
new yellowcard
new alkaline trio
new rocky votolato

bought phantom planet - guest, and promise ring - wood/water

both are good. both are laid back. both were 8.50

i have alot on my mind right now.

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